Layout: Bob Lenz’s Colorado Western and Aspen Junction Railroads

Two railroads operate on this layout:

  • The HO standard gauge Colorado Western
  • The HOn3 Aspen Junction.

The Colorado Western is based on the prototype Colorado Midland. It runs from Leadville past Hellgate’s floor to ceiling rock work, through Thomasville, where the logging branch heads uphill via switchbacks, and reaches Basalt. In Basalt, the Colorado Western interchanges with the Aspen Junction. The yard consists of standard, narrow, and dual gauge trackage.

The Aspen Junction climbs from Basalt (48”) through a series of switchbacks over 2 brides and 7 trestles and through 3 tunnels to reach the 8 different mines in the mining district and the railroad’s highest elevation (74”) where the mountainous scenery reaches the sky.

This layout occupies a 20×40-foot room. The backdrops were painted by Greg Gray, as is the beautiful scene of a mountain valley town which is illuminated during night operation with black light. Many of the structures, mostly kits with some scratch built, are illuminated. Power is provided by Digitrax . Track and switches are a combination of hand laid and Micro Engineering/Railcraft. Benchwork, trackwork, and wiring are 100% complete and scenery is 99% complete.