Layout: Herb Koenig’s Cordite and Flat River

The layout was featured on the cover and in the June 2001 Model Railroad Craftsman.

The layout, is a fictitious railroad, consisting of narrow gauge railroad and a standard gauge bridge line; which is a loop, connecting the narrow gauge to the out side world. The narrow gauge part is point to point and made up of a logging road and a mining road.

The layout contains a scratched model of the Devils Gate Bridge of the George Town loop. All the trestles are scratch built with one scratched built trestle being seven feet in length, curved and on a 3% grade.

The layout occupies 30 X 18 ft. room. The Standard gauge track is code 70, with the narrow gauge track being Code 55 on the main and 40 in the yard and sidings. The track is all hand laid and the switches and dual gauge crossing are built from scratch. Most buildings are kits with some being scratched built. The scenery runs from head high down to knee level. The backdrop was painted by Greg Gray.

The control system is Digitrax with Soundtraxx.