Layout: Rich Severance’s On3 Colorado Lines & O scale Colorado Midland

Rich Severance’s On3 Colorado Lines

This narrow-gauge layout is designed primarily for displaying historic buildings, and it is a “finished layout”. There is a single 120 feet long main line “ballasted” with South Park dirt, with a few engines, cars, and short trains parked on the several sidings.

Railroads represented include the Colorado and Southern, the Denver South Park and Pacific, the Denver and Rio Grande Western, the Rio Grande Southern, the New Mexico Lumber Company, and the Silverton Northern.

Como has been recreated with multiple town buildings and the six-stall stone round house. The Gunnison rail yard contains eleven Maintenance of Way cars and D&RGW # 268. The Silverton Northern engine house and adjacent area are modeled to represent the railroad in 1912 as pictured in THE RAINBOW ROUTE.

Red Mountain is modeled after the real Red Mountain located north of Silverton. Assorted rock powders were used to replicate the mountain’s brilliant yellow and orange colors. The large generic Red Mountain Mine No. 2 is adjacent to Red Mountain.

This layout has been featured in two issues of the NARROW GAUGE AND SHORT LINE GAZETTE.

Rich Severance’s O Scale Colorado Midland

This large standard gauge layout models specific areas of the CM RY, including Ute Pass, Cascade Canon, Hartsel, Sellar, Buena Vista, the linear set of tunnels north of Buena Vista, and Granite. A massive storm is descending on the coke ovens at Sellar.

A number of freight cars are lettered for obscure short lines and private owner grain cars; most engines are custom painted. A large area in the center of the room contains the multi-track freight and passenger yard representing Colorado City. Scenery, including well over a hundred individual rock castings, is about 95% complete.