Layout: Axtell Kramer’s Ozark Mineral Belt Railway

The OMB is a freelanced narrow gauge railroad serving the "Lead Belt'' of the Missouri Ozarks. The On3 model represents the railroad in late spring, 1939.

The OMB has two nearly new 50-ton Whitcomb Diesel Switchers, a 30-ton Class C-16 freight locomotive, a 42-ton Class T-19 passenger locomotive, and assorted freight cars obtained used and abused from their Colorado narrow gauge owners. Passenger service is provided using an RPO/Baggage car and coach obtained from the D&RGW.

The Digitrax DCC layout features hand laid rail on individual ties, on an elongated U shelf in a room measuring 9 feet by 22 feet, with the track work complete and nearly 100% of the highly detailed scenery finished. Grades of 3% are common, the track is rough riding, sidings are short, trains run late, yard facilities are inadequate —just what one would expect for this RGS of the Ozarks.